Current Affairs Television (2005-Present), 60 minutes weekly on RTK
Produced by: Casey Cooper Johnson

Jeta në Kosovë, (2005- Present)

LIFE IN KOSOVO (Jeta në Kosovë) is the most watched current affairs program in Kosovo. Produced in association with Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Internews Kosova, this internationally sindicated show is broadcast on Kosovo’s public channel, Radio Television Kosovo and via satellite throughout Europe. Featuring Kosovo’s most feared and respected journalist, Jeta Xharra, this hard-hitting investigative program includes TV reports from the field, direct questioning of decision-makers and studio debates. It covers the most important political and social issues unfolding on a weekly basis in Kosovo.

Crossing Bridges Productions was a co-creator of the show in 2005 and managed the weekly production of the show until 2009. Crossing Bridges continues as head of BIRN’s documentary films division.

Editor in Chief: Jeta Xharra
Producer/Director: Faik Ispahiu
Producer: Casey Cooper Johnson

Jeta në Kosovë