A Recordar Productions & 4Direcciones Film, Documentary, 38:22 min.
Directed by: Sophie Cooper

Seeds of Gold, (2013), Trailer

SEEDS OF GOLD is a documentary film tracing the story of a community’s journey to awaken the memory of their ancient Mhuysqa traditions. We follow the voice of the youth through the small Colombian mountain town of Sesquilé as the community works to reclaim damaged farmland, establish nature preserves, revive the unspoken language, and reengage the ancient ceremonies. In the face of increasing trends of industrialization, this potent and intimate story shares how a group of inspired individuals can work against incredible odds to restore a balanced relationship with their natural surroundings and reclaim a future for their children.

A Recordar Productions & 4Direcciones Film
Directed by: Sophie Cooper
Produced by: Sophie Cooper & Esteban Duarte
with Diana Rico & Richard Decaillet
Camera: Sophie Cooper, Esteban Duarte &
Carlos Candil Chauta
Editing: Sophie Cooper & Craig Wenaweser
Musical Composition: Teto Ocampo
Community Liaison: Carlos Candil Chauta
Production Manager (Sesquile): Felipe Spath
Filmed with the “Hijos de Maiz” Mhuysqa Community
in Sesquile, Cundimarca, Colombia
Associate Producers:
Camila Rivera, Mattew Herman, Jean Dunham, Marcy Pattinson
Rion Raysay, Michelle & Conolly Oyler, Michael Sousa