Documentary (2009), 36:00 min.
Directed by: Antoneta Kastrati


In a world where black magic and witch doctors are considered a thing of the mythical past, SEEKING MAGIC takes us to Kosova, a land caught between times, where many still visit mystical healers for guidance and cures to their ailments. This documentary follows the journeys of two young women, who after losing hope in other avenues, each turn to such magical doctors for their problems. But are the healers just another part of the patriarchal system that has traumatized the very women who come to them for help, or are they truly casting away evil spells and bringing luck upon their patients?

Directed by: Antoneta Kastrati
Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati & Kaltrina Krasniqi
Edited by: Kaltrina Krasniqi & Antoneta Kastrati
Music: Dritero Nikqi
Producer: Antoneta Kastrati
Produced by: Crossing Bridges Productions